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Each year thousands of paver patio and outdoor living spaces are purchased, and in most cases installed improperly. Improper installation practices can range from the contractor using the wrong materials to inexperience with the engineering of an installation in a freeze and thaw environment like Ohio.  Improperly installed patios normally do not show signs of dramatic deterioration until after the first winter.  You are left with a big mess that costs you even more money to repair and rebuild properly. 

The problems that we see on most properties are black edging popping up, sunken sections in the patio surface, sloping patio border bricks, leaning retaining walls and pedestals, and steps that have fallen apart or have sunk. All of these problems are very dangerous if left unfixed and present a large possibility of tripping and falling. In most cases these problems are due to improper installation from the start of the project  and will continue to get worse if not attended to.  Fortunately, Patio Doctor builds patios and outdoor living spaces right from the start and cures those in need of urgent care. We specialize in installing and reconstructing patios that are well engineered to combat the freeze and thaw of Ohio's harsh winters. Do not make the wrong decision again. Let Patio Doctor properly repair and restore your outdoor living space, making it better than it was the day it was purchased.


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